Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baddest Bitch

  Tube is a PTU by Barbara Jensen which you can find HERE
  Template is one of mine called Baddest Bitch HERE
  PTU Scrap kit called Immortal Love by Stina HERE
  Mask 30 by Moonbeams and Spiderwebs HERE

Let's Begin:

Open a new workspace 700 X 600 (You can resize later)
Flood fill white (This will be removed later as well, it helps to see what your creating)
New raster layer
Flood fill black
Apply a mask of choice
Open your template
Delete © Layer
Change the colors or paste papers of choice in the various shapes of the template
Tick the inside of the big circle with your magic wand
Paste your image in the circle
Selections, Invert, Delete
Selections, Select None
In your layer palette lower the opasity of your tube to your liking
Tick the inside of Red square 1 with your magic wand
Paste an enlarged piece of your tubes face as a new layer
Selections, Invert, Delete
Selections, Select none
Lower the opasity of the tube layer in your layer palette to your liking
Repeat this step for Red square 2
Paste heartsplatter 1 as a new layer
Send under everything
Paste Candle1 as a new layer
Resize 40%
Place at the bottom left corner
X out your background layer, and text layers
Merge everything else
Copy and past onto your masked layer
Resize this merged image 90%
Adjust, Sharpen
Go back to your template workspace
X out everything but the 2 test layers
Merge the text layers
Copy and past into your masked workspace
**You can delete the template workspace now**
Now paste your image of choice as a new layer
Paste your tubed image of choice as a new layer
Make her appear to be over the test image
Paste Ribbon 01 as a new layer
Resize 40%
Place to the left of your square framed image
Merge Everything
Adjust, Sharpen
Apply a drop shadow of choice
Appy the appropriate © and watermark as desired
Save as a png for a transparent background

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message here in the chatbox or email me

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