Thursday, February 9, 2012

Easter Beauty

Easter Beauty

  Tube is a PTU by Keith Garvey which you can find at PTE
  FTU Scrap kit called Sweet Pea by Seachell And Scraps HERE
  Frame is a Freebie from Rasberry Road Designs HERE

Let's Begin:

Open a new workspace 700 X 600 (You can resize later)
Flood fill white (We will X this out when we save our tag, it helps to see what we are creating more clearly)

Open your frame in psp
Resize 50% (make sure all layers is checked)
Repeat the resize of 50% again
Now copy and paste the frame into your white workspace as a new layer
Resize 70% (Uncheck resize all layers)
Image, Flip
Tick the inside of the frame with your magic wand
Selections, Modify, Expand 20
New Raster Layer (Send under the frame in your layer pallette)
Flood fill with a color of choice
WHile still selected paste your tube of choice as a new layer
Put under the frame layer in your layer pallette
Duplicate this tube layer and bring the duplicate above the frame
On your tube under the frame apply Selections, Invert, Delete
Selections, Select None
On your duplicate tube above the frame use your eraser tool to remove the tube image making it look like it is coming through the frame.
Apply a drop shadow of choice
Open the bunny from your scrap kit
Resize 20% (all layers checked)
Copy and past at the bottom of your frame
Apply a drop shadow of choice
Open Element3 in your psp
Resize 20% (All layers checked)
Copy and paste into your workspace
Apply towards the bottom of your tag
Send under everything
X out your white background
Merge everything
Apply a drop shadow of choice
Appy the appropriate © and watermark as desired
Save as a png for a transparent background

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message here in the chatbox or email me

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