Friday, July 6, 2012


  Tube is a PTU by Very Many which you can purchase at PFD
  PTU scrap kit calles "Paris Folies" by Bubbles Dream which you can find HERE
  Font Used FTU Soul Reaver
**This tutorial is written with the understanding that the user has a good working knowledge of psp and the usage of it's varius tools.**

Let's Begin:

Open a new workspace 700 X 500 ( you can resize later if you wish)
Flood fill white (This will be removed later but it helps to see how your tag will look on a blog etc.)
Paste Element 54 as a new layer
Resize 76%
Tick the inside of the frae with your magic wand
Selectios, Modify, expand 5
Paste a paper of choice as a new layer
(while still selected add a large version of your tube as a new layer)
Selections, Invert, Delete ( do this to the paper and tube layer in your layer pallette)
Selections, Select none
Send both of these layers under the frame
On your tubed layer Adjust, Hue and saturation, Colorize, Hue 0, Saturation 6, OK
In your layer pallette lower the opasity of the tube to your liking
Paste your tube of choice as a new layer
Apply a drop shadow of choice
Paste Element 08 as a new layer
Send under everything
Resize 85%
Paste Element 04 as a new layer
Resize 84%
Send under the framed layer
Adjust as desired
Paste Element 23 as a new layer
Resize 31%
Adjust, Sharpen
Place at the top right corner by the bow
Use your raser tool to remove the thread on the heart so it looks like it is haging from the bow
Paste the camera element as a new layer
Resize 32%
Place as desired
Paste element 57 as a neew layer
Resize 51%
Place alog the bottom of the frame
Bring your camera above the ribbon
Paste element 45 as a new layer
Resize 60%
Place at the bottom of the frame
X out the white background
Merge Everything
Adjust, Sharpen
Appy the appropriate © and watermark as desired
Save as a png for a transparent background

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message here in the chatbox or email me

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