Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chain Me Baby

  FTU scrap kit called "Ebony and Ivory" by Trese and can be found HERE
  PTU Tube by  Barbara Jensen which you can get HERE
  Font Used is Mardian Demo (FTU)
**This tutorial is written with the understanding that the user has a good working knowledge of psp and the usage of it's various tools.**

Let's Begin:

Open a new work space 700 x 500
Flood fill white
Paste Frame 3 as a new layer
Resize 56%
Select the inside of the frame with your free hand selection tool set to point to point
Paste paper 4 as a new layer
Send under the frame
Resize 64%
While still selected paste your tubed image of choice as a new layer
Duplicate this tubed image
Send one under the frame
Selections, Invert, Delete both the paper and bottom tube layer
Selections, Select none
Bring the duplicated tubed image to the top
Apply a drop shadow of choice
Use your eraser to remove the bottom of this tube so she is coming through the frame
Paste the Glitter as a new layer
Place to the top right
Send under everything
Image, Mirror
Image, Flip
Paste the Jewels as a new layer
Resize 41%
Place at the bottom left corner
Paste Doodle 2 as a new layer
Resize 62%
Send under everything
Paste the Charmed rose as a new layer
Place at the top right corner
Paste the PolkaDot Bow as a new layer
Resize 37%
Place over the top of the rose charm
Use your eraser to remove the excess of the charm chain at the top of the bow
Paste Frame 1 as a new layer
Resize 61%
Send under the chain frame layer
Paste the heartbox as a new layer
Resize 34%
Place next to the Jewels
X out the white background
Merge Everything
Adjust, Sharpen
Apply the appropriate © and watermark as desired
Save as a png for a transparent background

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to email me

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