Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dark Passion

  PTU  kit called "Dark Passion" by MizTeeques and can be found HERE
  FTU Tube is by Thierry Beaudenon
  Font Used is TSCurly (FTU)
**This tutorial is written with the understanding that the user has a good working knowledge of psp and the usage of it's various tools.**

Let's Begin:

Open your new work space 700 X 600
Flood fill white
Paste El. 23 as a new layer
Paste El.41 as a new layer
Resize 59%
Tick the inside of all of the frames with your magic wand
Modify, Expand 4
Paste El.1 as a new layer
Resize 62%
Selections, Invert, Delete
While still selected paste a portion of your tube choice as a new layer
Selections, Select None
Move Element layer and tube layer below the frame
Paste your tubed image as a new layer make it mirrored to the other image.
Paste El.48 as a new layer
Resize 15%
Place at the top right corner of the frame
Paste El.47 as a new layer
Image, Mirror
Resize 46%
Place along the bottom of the frame under your tubed image
Paste El.34 as a new layer
Resize 34%
Place along bottom of tag
Send under everything
Paste El.10 as a new layer
Resize 15%
Place at the bottom right
X out the white background
Merge Everything
Adjust, Sharpen
Apply the appropriate © and watermark as desired

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to email me

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